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Chicken Roundabout, Iconic & Ours

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Is This Really A Website

About A Roundabout?

Yeah Kind Of....

Bungay Town Image By Jason Palmer'Chicken Roundabout' or at least the one we are talking about on this website is situated on the boarder of Norfolk and Suffolk in the UK. Forming the intersection of the A143, Ditchingham Dam and the B1332 (Norwich Road), Grid reference 52.463785, 1.441819, and is at the gateway of the beautiful town of Bungay and the parish of Ditchingham.


So Why Chicken Roundabout?

Well Because Of The Chickens Obviously..River Waveney By Jason Palmer

Actually these days its really not obvious why this normal looking traffic control solution has such a lot of love for it, from both the local community and the many people who have passed it.

As a very brief outline 'Chicken Roundabout' was the home of up to 300 chickens for generations, providing passers by a unique slightly unbelievable view for several decades, becoming a landmark and something to look forward to if you were a young (or not so young) person travelling on your holidays to and from the county.

Having stumbled across this local landmark and asking locals for their memories and stories, we (New Rock) realised that this is something that has brought smiles to peoples faces for generations and shouldn't be allowed just to fade away.


This Website Has Been Created To Provide Information On A New Campaign To Create A Long lasting Site Of Remembrance

Chicken Roundabout Campaign 2022

River Waveney in Winter By Jason Palmer


So there have been a number of attempts since 2011 to bring back 'Chicken Roundabout' in some form since the chickens were removed, each time efforts falling short and with some slightly baffling concerns and objections being raised.

Its quite clear that there is a reluctance to except responsibility or liability for the roundabout and an even greater reluctance to support something new being created. We have been looking at past cases and tackling it with a fresh logical response, to work through possible objections.

In a brand new attempt to move forward with this New Rock has requested from Ditchingham Parish Council that the roundabout known as 'Chicken Roundabout' be leased to New Rock so that we as tenants can insure the roundabout for public liability and have the authority to begin talks with Norfolk County Council regarding the placement of a memorial "Furniture" on the island.

In addition with the support of its educational environmental arm New Rock have also submitted its desire to maintain the island for FREE using its existing very experienced team or recruiting and training locals to carry out weekly works.



Chicken Roundabout - Local History & Stories

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Gordon Knowles "The Chicken Man Of Bungay"

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Thank You For The Photos

Local Photography by Jason Palmer..

Local Photo's generously shared by Jason Palmer "Original Art Solution"  and "J.Palmer Wildlife Photography". Please check out his amazing work and a big Thank You from Team New Rock